01Homely and friendly atmosphere

The Lighthouse Café can be found in the beating heart of Bonn. Located in a charming alleyway, you can either enjoy your coffee right in front of Namen-Jesu Church almost as if you’re in your own living room or take a minute walk to pay a short visit to the Beethovenhouse.

Our homemade cinnamon rolls, lemon cakes and other pastries and breakfasts are our specialty and are made to the highest quality possible.

02Coffee delicacies with a good background

We create some amazing espresso options with only the best ingredients. Our coffee is ethically produced by COFYMI and stands out, not only because of it’s excellent taste, but also because of it’s ethical and fair production throughout – from it’s coffee beans to the coffee in your cup. Our mild is sourced from a regional farm in Hennef. 

03Homemade Tableware

We serve our coffee in homemade cups that are made out of high quality stoneware. We try to create completely unique items to sell. No one is the same as another and so they’ll make an amazing gift for a loved one.

  • Espresso

    2,40 / 3,20

    the essence of coffee
  • Americano

    3,20 / 4,00

    "normal coffee" - 2 / 3 espressi and hot water
  • Espresso Macchiato

    2,60 / 3,40

    Espresso with foamed milk
  • Flat White

    4,20 / 5,20

    a cappuccino with an extra shot
  • Cappuccino

    3,80 / 4,80

    one / two espressi with foamed milk